Sunday, February 7, 2010


Superbowl Sunday! Actually, we're not really football fans and it's amazing we even know the two teams playing. But, we do, Saints vs. Colts. Anyway, we are going over to Karen and Mike's to watch the game, eat way too much food, and maybe later, play a little Rock Band.
A couple of weeks ago Ryan bowled a 193. He was wanting another "200+" game, and was a little disappointed at first. But then the excitement of the 193 game kicked in and he felt really proud of it. Also, Ryan now has a girlfriend at school. Her name is Olivia. They had a field trip to MOSI a few weeks ago and that's when it became official. Ryan also got his report card the other day. He made honor roll again, all "b"s and one "a". We are always proud of him!
I had my debut party for my Mary Kay business, and it went well. It was only a small group, but we had a good time. I've been focusing more on the business and really trying to continue learning and training. I really do enjoy it.
I'm working part-time at H&R Block during tax season. It's a fun little job. The people there are all very nice and helpful and I am enjoying it, as well.
Rogie has made some progress with his train lay-out. It's really coming along. He also finished painting our armoire which is going in our bedroom. And he built shelves and painted them for the garage. Check out the pics
Yesterday was our 5 year anniversary. We're going to celebrate next weekend though, kind of a Valentine's Day/Anniversary combo.
Tuesday night my Mom and I are going to see Wicked at the Performing Arts Center!!!! I'm soooo excited!!! Mom and I love the theatre and musicals. I haven't been to one in so long and I've been dying to see this one in particular for a couple of years now. I read the book, which was good, too. My Dad bought us tickets for Valentine's day!!! Best Daddy ever!!!
Well, that's the latest......later!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm back.....

Well it's been a while, but I'm back. Since my last post, we bought a home in Weeki Wachee and moved. Ryan is in 6th grade and attends a K-9 school in their gifted program. He is also in band at school and is playing the saxophone. Andrew is now living back with his Mom in St. Petersburg and in high school. Aaron lives in Seffner with two roommates and is working two jobs and going to college full time. Currently, Roger has applied with the Florida Highway Patrol State Troopers and is awaiting their response. And, I have started my own business with Mary Kay as an independent beauty consultant, as well as taken on a part time job with H&R Block during tax season. We've been in our new home since October and love it! Christmas was busy, but wonderful (as every year). We spent a lot of time with our families and ate entirely too much. We celebrated a quiet, yet fun New Years with Karen and Mike. This past weekend, Ryan bowled a 202 in his league. His average is 124 and his record high score prior was 169. Everyone was so excited! His Dad and I were very proud! Yesterday was his first day back to school since Winter break. It has been very cold here for longer than normal. Parts of our area had snow and we witnessed sleet Saturday morning. It's actually felt like Winter, which is weird for this Florida girl. Well here are some pics of us from recent. The first is the band Winter concert. Second is Aaron and I at Mom and Dad's house. Third is Ryan in the back yard shooting his bb gun with Dad. And last, Roger, Me, Karen and Mike on New Year's Eve/Day. I'll try to keep up with posting. Later!

Friday, June 5, 2009

End of the School Year....

Ryan's last day of school was yesterday and he came home with his report card. He got straight A's, Principal's Honor Roll. I was so excited, I squealed, hugged him and told him how proud I was of him. He was pretty happy, too, but it's funny, because for the most part, he regularly gets Principal's Honor Roll or Honor Roll, so it's not quite as big of a deal to him. I, on the other hand, having Aaron before, Ryan, who did o.k., but struggled a bit and only got honor roll one 9 weeks in 4th grade, I lose my mind with excitement! LOL Actually, Ryan is more excited about the money Dad now owes him for the A's. Anyway, his Dad and I are both very proud of him for finishing 5th grade with straight A's and getting into the gifted program. Next fall, middle school!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ryan's 5th Grade Graduation

Ryan has completed elementary school. His school had a couple of events for "5th Grade Graduation". They got to go to The Columbia Restaurant for a banquet luncheon. They were all dressed up and looked so cute! Then, they went to Busch Gardens for a day. Ryan really enjoyed being dressed up and when I told him to bring an extra set of clothes, so he could change if he wanted, he said, "But what if I don't want to change out of this?" He was too cute getting ready that morning and when he got home he said they had a good time. He didn't have quite as good of a time at Busch Gardens because they were divided into groups and no one in his group wanted to ride the roller coasters. They weren't allowed to ride alone, so he didn't get to ride any roller coasters. However, they did ride most of the other rides and he brought home cotton candy for me, Dad and Andrew. I felt bad for him about the roller coasters, because he's like me, a roller coaster person and he was so looking forward to being able to ride them. Anyway, he is now officially in the gifted program and will begin middle school in that program. Congratulations Ryan!

Aaron Turns 20!

My baby boy, Aaron turned 20 this month. We met at Nan and Grandpa's for lunch and cake.
Nan and Grandpa bought him a blackberry curve for his birthday. It was surreal, to think he's no longer a teenager. It's seem like just yesterday he was a baby. He's doing so well. He just completed his first year of college, going full time, and works two part-time jobs. He's been living on his own for a while now and never needs money from Mom (which is good thing, 'cause Mom's broke-LOL). I'm so very proud of the man he has become.

Ryan's Bowling Party

Well Ryan's fall bowling league ended and his team won first place! He also received a trophy for high series handicap. They did awards ceremony and got to "cosmic" bowl two games. His summer league starts this coming weekend. The summer league is 9:30 am Saturday mornings.......aaarrggh. The things we do for our kids!!! LOL We are very proud of him!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day....

A nice and easy day was Mother's Day this year. We have a tradition of going to brunch or out to eat every year, but this year, my Mom and I both were not really up to that. The thought of just taking it easy and just being together sounded just perfect. So we went over to Mom and Dad's house and Mom grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and we had all the fixin's. Oh Dad made us Mimosas, too. :) Aaron was there and he had a rose for me and one for his Nan. We ate, talked and listened to Dad's oldies cds. It was great. Later I went to the grocery store, which was a breeze because it was practically empty! Roger went to visit an old family friend in his old neighborhood. So, when he got home, we ate a quick and easy dinner and relaxed until bed. Well, Roger had to go to work, but bed for me. :) Good day!